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Viral Video How Did Old Spice Do It?


Today this video has had 6,373,286 views.

It is only 33 seconds long.

Viral Videos are viral because people want to watch it.  I specifically went to You Tube to find out why Old Spice has been a trending topic on Twitter.  I found this Video and thought it was amusing, entertaining, great video effects and super short.  The Title is short “Old Spice Body Wash”.  The call to action on the YouTube video page is to Share the video,  join the Old Spice Facebook Fanpage and to follow Old Spice on Twitter.

If you want a video to go viral.

1) The video should be short or by someone very famous.

2) The video should be entertaining or funny.

3) The video should be on YouTube.

4) The video should have a keyword in the title

5) The video should be publicized a bit to get it started.  Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Press Release or if it is a highly searched keyword, it may just go viral by itself.

6) The video should be submitted to as many video sharing sites as possible.  I use a Viral Video submission tool that automates your video distribution to get distributed to all the best video sharing sites automatically.  Special $1 trial offer Automatic Video Submission tool

What other ways can you think of that helps a video go viral?  Leave a comment below.


Search Engine Keyword Tools to Improve Web Site Traffic

word-tracker-free-keyword-toolHow to use search engine keyword tools to improve web site traffic is a tutorial to help you get more visitors to your web site using keywords and keyword software to determine the best keywords for your blog posts and articles. I was going to originally call the article “Do Keyword Research in 3 Easy Steps”.  After you read the article you will see why I changed it to “Search Engine Keyword Tools to Improve Web Site Traffic”
Start your keyword research at the free wordtracker keyword tool.  This will give you an idea of the daily search volume for your niche keyword.  Once you find a good keyword phrase that you like, copy and paste that keyword phrase into the search box and search again to see what other phrases people search for.  Once you find good keyword phrases, go to Market Samurai to get the detailed information about the keyword phrase you are researching.  Market Samurai will provide all the additional information you need to validate your keyword as the correct one to use.  Market Samurai provides related keywords to consider and the trends for those keywords as well as the a magnitude of information to help you decide if you have chosen the correct keyword.  One thing that is really important for your keyword is the CPI index because it determines the commercial viability for the keyword.  Some keywords like “free” do not have a good CPI because generally we are looking for keywords that result in people paying money when they find what they are looking for. Market Samurai pulls information from Google, Microsoft and other search engines and databases to provide all the data in one concise place and saves you time.  Some of the information Market Samurai provides is available if you go to many places on the internet and do the research on each site, yet it takes a lot of time and energy.  If you do not have Market Samurai yet, you can check at the Google free keyword tool to see the trends for your keyword and to get synonyms for the keywords you are considering.  Market Samurai will provide a lot more information for you.  If you do not have Market Samurai Keyword, SEO,  Google Ad creator software, Google free keyword tool will help you with your keyword research.
Good keywords will bring traffic to your site or article and if you write a compelling content article or post, the people that find the article will be interested in learning more about you or what you have to offer them.
It is not necessary to get super high volume keywords with a lot of competition.  Even if the keyword you choose has 21 searches a day, when you multiply it out by 365 days in a year it is approximately 7,665 searches a year.
Combining keywords is also a great strategy.  In the article “Free Anti Virus Program
talking about “Microsoft Security essentials”.  The keyword “antivirus” gets 889 searches a day, “Free anti virus program” gets 145 searches a day.  This article is not about getting money, instead it is just providing valuable information to my readers so using the word free was not a concern.
For this article, Market Samurai provided the detailed keyword information, “keyword tool” has 14,795 searches,  good up trend in volume of searches, a SEO value of $15,286.19 (The total value of traffic that a web-site that ranked #1 for a keyword in Google) “keyword search tool” has 891 searches, a bit of a drop off of the trending, cost per click of $4.38 and about 3 clicks a day for the number one spot if doing PPC and a SEO value of $1,639.08.
“Search keywords” gets 2,433 searches a day, 1,021 possible clicks from SEO if a number one ranked site, good solid flat trend, a SEO value of $3,004.27 and you may find that it was used it as the article title.  Now let’s look to add another keyword phrase to the title.  The only thing is that keyword gets more searches that keywords.
“Keyword research” gets 5,425 searches, not trending very well,  yet has a SEO value of $5,992.46.
“Keyword tools” has a high click through rate of 2.95%, good trend, SEO value of $1,298.35,  1,627 searches a day, SEO traffic of 683 a day and a total value of traffic from adwords of $91.20 for the #1 ranked Google Adwords advertiser.   “Internet Keyword” Has 266 searches a day so “Internet Keyword Tools” could be a article title and both keywords are in the title “Internet Keywords” and “Keyword Tools”.
I would like people reading this article to get the free trial of Market Samurai so adding Keyword Software may help draw the correct people to read this article since Market Samurai is a powerful keyword tool that generates keywords, provides all the details to compare keywords and get the commercial viability of the keywords along with a lot of other cool things like write google keyword rich ads for you.  Here are a couple of ideas for the article title: 
“Keyword Software and Keyword Tools to increase your web site traffic”.
“Search Engine Keyword Tools to improve web site traffic”
market-samurai-keyword-researchSearch Engine Keyword has 2,433 searches a day, Keyword tools has 1,627 searches a day, “increase web site traffic” has 92 searches a day.  “increase website traffic” only has 53 searches a day so web site is better than website.  web site traffic has 178 searches a day.
“Search engine keyword tools to improve web site traffic” has 4 keyword phrases with a combined search of 2,433 + 1,627 + 92 + 178 = 4,330 total searches combined.
This is highly competitive and sometimes it is better to go for the lower volume search phrases and dominate the results on the long tail keyword rather than go for the high volume keywords with a lot of competition.  This will give you an idea of the way to think about keywords and how you can combine them.  You also see the power of using a tool like Market Samurai to get the real inside information about the keywords instead of just rely on the search volume a

nd free keyword tools.  Market Samurai offers a free trail and if you decide to buy it you only pay once and there is no recurring charges.  It is also low priced compared to the other keyword tools I have evaluated.  I will get a small commission if you buy from the link in this article and that is how I pay the bills.  Hopefully you received valuable information in this article and will try Market Samurai by clicking here now.

Market Samurai Free DownloadInside your article be sure to repeat the keyword right away in the first sentence and then use it again once in the article or add a few other keyword combination’s that relate to the topic that you have found in your research.  I always go to Market Samurai to finalize my keyword research to find out the value of SEO for the keyword, the cost per click people are paying for the keywords in ads, the trend lines for the keywords and also to get additional keywords that are related to add into the article or blog post.

Some good keywords to start off your article include “How to…” “7 easy tips to …” “Best way to …”

If you found this article useful, go get the free trial of  the best keyword research tool available to help you write great headlines and keyword rich articles now while it is on your mind.


Things to do to move your internet business forward using web site analytics

money1)    Look at your web site for usability for your customers.  Is it too busy?  Is there a clear call to action?  Are there too many ads? Will anyone come back or sign up to the RSS feed because they enjoyed the time there and they found a solution to their problem or question.  Action: Remove some ads from your site if you have more than a couple, be sure that your site looks pleasant to the eye and has a clear call to action on each page or blog post.

2)    Look at your Blog theme or website design.   Is it clean and pleasant to look at?  Action: consider getting a nice clean theme for your blog.  Often a premium theme is better than a free theme and has better coding.  Action: Look at changing your blog theme if it is not easy to look at and pleasing to the eye.  For my site I plan to start using the Thesis blog theme or a Studio Press Theme with clean code and pleasant colors and a nice look.

3)    Check the code of your site.  Google and disabled people like clean code and it is to the benefit of your web site purpose to have clean code.  Action: go to W3C.org and validate the code on your site for HTML and CSS.  Be sure to correct all errors and do not worry about the warnings as much.  If you are able to clean the code all the way be sure to add the W3C Validated HTML and CSS logos on your site.

Google-Analytics4)    You are using Google analytics right?  If not be sure to get a Google analytics account and add the code to each of your sites and then add the tracking code to your conversion pages. For web sites you can add it just before the last body tag or in your footer so it is on each page or if you have a blog, you can use a blog plug in like Google analytics plug in. Google Analytics is the best free analytics tool available.  There is a great resource to learn about Google analytics at http://analytics.blogspot.com/Action: Verify that you have Google analytics on all your web pages and conversion pages and use analytics to track your conversions.

5)    Do you understand “Why” customers come to your website?  Write down the target person that you expect to arrive there and what they may expect to get while there.
Action: Write down the “why customers come to my site”.  Write down the target audience with as many demographics as possible.  Now look at your site through the eyes of your target audience.  Are they getting what they want when they arrive at your website or blog?  Is it easy to navigate and find the solution to the question or problem they are trying to solve when they get there?  If it is great, if not make the necessary changes to have a fun exciting site for your customers that is easy to navigate and without too many distractions as mentioned in number one above.

6)    Have you requested feedback on your site from your visitors or from people you know in your target market?  Often time’s candid feedback can be very useful in determining if your site meets the needs of you target market.  Action: Set up an exit survey on your site so that visitors can provide feedback on the results of their visit or go to a forum in your niche and post a request for site feedback.  You may be surprised at the results.  Take action based on the survey or site feedback and then continue to request site feedback about each three months or if doing a exit survey continue to use the exit survey, yet use a script that only asks each participant each three months or so.  This way you do not bug your visitors with a survey with each visit.

Order Peel Away Ads7)    Are you selling something or looking for your visitors to take action on your site?  If you are, try Google web site optimizer to test two different pages to see which one performs better.  Only have one thing be different on each page that you are testing so you will know what the change is that is performing better.  Action: Set up Google Web site optimizer on your web site and test two different web pages to see which one performs better and then make the better performing site the main site and make another change to test.  Keep testing and making changes and you will see improved performance or conversion with each change.

8)    Be sure you know what the success metrics are for your web site.  Are you looking to capture email subscribers?  RSS readers?  Sell a product?  Increase the trend of repeat visitors?  Be sure to start to measure the success of your web site using analytics.  Use the “So What” measurement.  For your metrics, it they increase in a way you desire, is it making you more money? Are your readers happier?  Be sure that you work to improve things that have a good “So what” factor.  Google analytics can measure conversions for you by adding a code to the thank you page for a new email subscriber or a sale.  Feedburner can measure the new RSS subscribers.  Action: Write down your success metrics for your web site and start to track it.  Then take actions and test to see if it improves the results.  Remember that when you have the data, you need to analyze it to turn the data into information.  Use the information to make changes and then rinse and repeat.

9)     If you are not familiar with all that Google analytics offers, I suggest you go there and spend some time reading and watching the tutorials.  Google analytics is very powerful and there is no reason to go buy Click tracks, Click Tale or other expensive web analytics tools until you have exhausted the resources and information Google analytics provides for free.  Google has a blog at analytics.blogspot.com that has good information and inside the Google analytics page; there is an abundance of information and tutorials.
Action: go to Google analytics and watch the tutorials and read the articles.  Go to the Google analytics blog and read up on how to better utilize Google Analytics to improve your web site performance.  Sign up for the free version of Clicktale and get a video of each of your visitors actions while on your site and a heat map of where they move the mouse.

10) Check out additional resources to learn more about web analytics and how it can improve your understanding of why customers are coming to your web site, what they do when they get there and how to improve the site and increase traffic.  Action: spend time reading up on additional web analytics tools and resources including heat maps, split testing, conversion tracking and start to measure the statistics of the analytics you are getting and turn it into information to improve conversions and traffic.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about Google analytics and how it has helped your business.
Here are a few good resources:


10 Easy Ways to Improve Web Analytics

10 Things You Can Do With Little Effort to Improve Web Analytics

arrow_up_150p-7202831) Be sure to understand the reason for your web site. Is to sell something, capture email addresses or just to provide valuable information to your target audience. If there is no money involved then it is just a hobby. Action: Write down the reason for your web site.

2) Be sure that I am contributing content that is deserving of the world to read. Then measure your successes by looking at how many readers subscribe to your RSS feed or email feed for your site to see how valuable the readers see your site. Action: have a call to action to encourage readers to subscribe to your blog at the end of each article or post. Start to track the numbers of RSS readers each month.

3) Start to get your readers to comment on your blog by asking questions or having a controversial story that gets your reader engaged. Measure the numbers of comments as an indication that your readers are enjoying your site. Action: Have a call to action in your blog post or article that encourages readers to comment. One good way is to ask a question to elicit a response.

4) If you have something to sell on your site, it is important to measure the conversion rate for your visitors. Google’s webmasters tools has the ability to capture the conversion rate for your site for free. Action: Set up Google webmasters tools and start to measure your conversion rate. Extra credit Action: set up a split test to drive improvement in your conversion rate.

5) Start to use a keyword report to see what keywords people are using to find my blog. Compare your articles to the keywords people used to come to your site and determine if you are using an optimized keyword strategy for your site and how you can improve your articles to better meet the needs of your visitors. Action: Review your site analytics from Google analytics or other source each month to track and improve your keyword strategy for your site based on what keywords people searched for to arrive at your site and the bounce rate for those keywords.

6) Be sure to measure your bounce rate by keywords. If you have a high bounce rate for a particular keyword, possibly you want to drop that keyword or enhance the value your reader gets when they arrive at your site looking for the answer to their problem or need when they searched for that keyword. Look at your top 20 entry pages, top exit page and top pages with high bounce rate and then take action to improve the value provided to your reader on these pages or evaluate changing the keyword for the page to better match what visitors are looking for. Action: Track your bounce rate by keywords each month with the goal to reduced the bounce rate on your targeted keywords by providing better value based on the desired results your reader is looking for.

7) Be sure to set a goal for your website for the next 30 days. The goal should not just be “get more visitors” because morecathe Nike marathon pointing at her name on wall - go to CatheFranklin.comvisitors are not a good business goal. Set a goal like get more comments because it shows reader engagement or set a goal of more RSS readers because it shows that your readers want more of what you have to offer. If you have a site that makes money, measure the income generated and set a goal to increase the income. Be sure to measure increased income against the conversion rate so you can work on conversion rather than just getting more visitors. Track things that will tell you why you had a spike in sales. When measuring conversion, you have a better idea of how well your sales funnel is working. Action: Write down the goal for your web site for the next 30 days and have tracking in place to measure the results so you will know what worked and what did not.

8) Be sure to turn your analytics data into information. The web is full of data, yet it is the wise person that can interpret the data and use it to modify the web site and predict future behavior. There are many tools to help know what your readers are doing on your site. What are the hot spots by using a heat map program or use split testing to determine what page converts better. Action: Analyze the data you get from your web site and pick a few key comparisons that you can track over time so you are dealing with information instead of just data.

9) Measure you web site ROI by tracking your goals. Did you get more work, sell more products, or get more speaking requests? Measure your ROI against your costs like time to build the site, cost of advertising, opportunity cost and numbers of visitors. Then make small changes and track the improvements. Action: Set up metrics to know how much time you spend on your site, how much money or time you spend on advertising so at the end of the month you can compare the investment to the desired results.

10) Set up feedburner for your RSS feed so you can track the subscribers, stories they read and other relevant data that you canth_rsspinkturn into information that will improve your sites success. Action: Set up Feedburner for your site and look at all the data available to you and find out what articles are being read more often so you will have a better idea of what your visitors are looking for and interested in. Provide more of the information that you find they open and read and less of the information about what never gets opened and read.

Sign up to the RSS feed for this blog.
What is your favorite way to measure your site performance?


Free Anti Virus Program

Get your free Anti Virus Program from Microsoft today by downloading Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft.com.

I just downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and am running it on my PC.

I have used Trend Micro Internet Security Pro and it works great and has a lot of features. It has a firewall and advanced features.  It does require some maintenance like to set up approvals for your back up server and approve cookies for your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter and your favorite Internet Marketing Blog so you do not need to log in with each visit.

TrendMicro and Zone Alarm are very powerful anti virus programs.  I found a discout link for Zone Alarm ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite  – Save 50% and a discount code toTake 10% Off Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware 2010 Now! Coupon Code: trendtav If you prefer to get the Trend Internet Security I have a coupon code for you to Take 10% Off Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 Now! Coupon Code: trendsecurity

I just installed Windows 7 on my computer and my Trend Micro free trial expired so I am trying Microsoft Security Essentials and so far I like it. It installs fast, does not require any set up and according to the reviews is not a resource hog on your computer.  I especially like that it is free and highly rated. If you do not have a router on your system, I suggest you get a antivirus with a firewall like Trend Micro Internet Security or Zone Alarm.

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