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Clay Franklin at iZigg Crush it event in San Diego Sept 2010iZigg Mobile Media 90210 Text Marketing National Expansion is happening right now.

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Internet Marketers Wish List Gift Ideas

Internet Marketers love to learn new things and generally love new gadgets and tools to make life easier.  Most work at home businesses can use new tools and gadgets to improve efficiency.  Here is a list of the top wish list ideas for work at home businesses and internet marketers.

Kodak Zi8 Video Camera is perfect for shooting videos for YouTube and doing ad hock interviews.  It has an external microphone jack and that really comes in handy during filming and interviews.  The video quality is good and it records in HD.  I personally use the Canon HF 10 camera, yet this video camcorder is highly recommended by my friends and is more popular than the Flip camera due to the external microphone jack and expandable SD/SDHC card slot up to 32 GB

Canon Powershot SD 1300 IS Point and shoot camera.  I have the older SD1100IS model and it works great.  I take it to all the Tweetups and to events.  It takes great clear pictures and does pretty good for video also.  It is really small and the battery lasts for months depending on how many pictures you take.  I find that I take this with me on every hike, bike ride or just about any day trip since I love to have a camera with me all the time.  I find that the Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera is awesome, yet it just too big to ring with me everywhere.  Highly recommended.

Canon Powershot G12 Point and Shoot camera.  This is a professional model and is even used by wedding photographers and professionals as the camera of choice when the Digital SLR is just to big and cumbersome.  I am getting this camera to have a little more professional shots while still having the small size and light weight.  It is a bit pricey, yet it is a high end camera that delights everyone that uses it.  It takes HD videos, and overall is highly recommended for the more discerning photographer.

Canon VIXIA HF 20 Video Camcorder is totally awesome.  It is a high end camcorder for the Internet Marketers that want the best in class for the gadgets and camera they use.  I have the older model and totally love it.  It has a long battery life, uses removable Flash memory SD cards to store the video on so it is very light weight and super easy to transfer videos to your Mac or PC.

Peachtree Audio iDecco Stereo integrated Amplifier with Tube Pre-Amp and iPod dock.  You want to listen to tunes in your home office and nothing does it better than this little unit with a iPod dock and a tube preamplifier.  This is a bit esoteric, yet I love audio and this is on my wish list.  Tubes sound better than transistors and they really help digital music sound more real and silky. It is a bit pricey, yet if you enjoy a really good sounding stereo system then this is the unit for you.  Just add speakers and you are set to go.  Highly recommended.

The Amazon Kindle is a really nice reading device.  The books cost less on Kindle than in hardcover.  My wife has one and loves it.  I find it is easier to read books on than on the iPad because it is specially designed to be perfect for reading books. It comes in a 9″ that I recommend, and a 6″ that is less expensive and smaller for taking with you everywhere.  Highly recommended.

Facebook Marketing an Hour a Day by Mari Smith.  This is the book I am starting to read today.  Facebook has come very far in becoming a destination place and this book will provide the ideas to implement a Facebook Strategy for your Business.  I am very lucky to have an autographed copy by Mari.  Thank you Mari you are the best.  You can check out Mari’s Facebook Fan page to see a nice design and learn from the Facebook expert.

Picture of Influence Science and Practice book by Cialdini
Influence – Science and Practice by Robert Chialdini.  This is a must read for anyone doing any selling or running a business. I just finished this book today and it is easy to read and understand.  The ideas presented here may save you money by understanding the key psychological persuasion tactics salespeople use to get the sale.  You will also be able to use the tactics in your own selling.  Highly recommended.

The Web Traffic Book by Ross Goldberg with Mari Smith as contributor.  I have this book on my wish list.  Ross Goldberg knows traffic and SEO and I expect this book to be filled with high powered tactics and processes to get more visitors to your web page, blog, Facebook Fan page or any internet location you choose.   I expect it will cover search engine marketing, research strategies, social marketing, video marketing, paid traffic, and linking strategies.

Step Into the Spotlight book
Step Into the Spotlight!- ‘Cause ALL Business is Show Business! by Tsufit is a fantastic book recommended to me by Coach Deb the owner of Quansite.  I have read this book and it is really good!   This is a good book to read twice, implementing all the strategies the second time through.  This is a very useful guide with new information and has easy to follow steps to branding and getting noticed.  Highly recommended.

picture of AT 2020 USB microphone
Audio Technica AT2020 USB Computer Microphone High Quality Microphone for your computer.  It plugs into the USB port on a Mac or a Windows computer.  This is the same microphone I have on my desk right now.  It works excellent and produces great audio for live or recording purposes.  This is the same microphone Bob the Teacher uses for his Internet Marketing Training.  I have not personally compared it to the Blue microphone, or Blue Ball Microphone yet it looks great and works excellent.Picture of Nandy Pop Filter and AT 2020 microphone I use a Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter as you see in the picture with the blue light on the AT2020 behind the pop filter.

Audio-Technica ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone This is a great little microphone that is perfect for use with the Kodak Zi8 or Canon HF-20 above.  This is recommended by Mike Koenigs.  I have one and it is well built and works great.  I suggest getting some extra batteries when you buy this lavalier microphone.  I like this 10 pack of Everready LR44 button batteries.  Mike suggested having extra batteries in case you forget to turn off the microphone as it stays on until it is turned off.  It is very reasonably priced so not having an automatic off feature is no big deal.

SMK-Link VP4910 RemotePoint Presentation Remote
SMK-Link VP4910 RemotePoint Presentation Remote
This is on my wish list.  It is a remote control for computers.  It is used while making videos or presentations.  This presenter will change the slides and has a couple programmable buttons to do other things like change the speed of the tele prompter.  It’s a bit pricey yet it is the one I saw Mike Moenigs using in hid studio.  Mike also recommends the Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter and it is a lot less expensive.  In some cases you may be able to use your computers remote control like a Apple remote.  I ahve not used a presenter yet so I am not sure how much the presenter will differently, yet if Mike recommends it is must be the way to go.  Mike Koenigs is famous for his Traffic Geyser Video Distribution Software.  I am a member of Traffic Geyser and Main Street marketing Machines and presenters are a tool recommended in the training.

Dragon Dictate 2.0Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac I have this on my wish list to write articles and blog posts faster by just talking and having the computer do the typing for me.  Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11 is the same voice to speech software for windows computers.  Technology is great and the thought of just rambling along and having all y words created into a document like a word document sounds exciting.

Apple TV

Apple TV I love my Apple TV.  I listen to my podcasts on my TV streaming from my computer itunes library.  It is great to watch your marketing or self help videos on your TV.  It streams any video you have added to your iTunes library.  I use it for streaming Netflix movies also.  It is a nice item to have in your office even if you just use it to get internet radio.  There are hundreds of internet radio stations all categorized by music type.  I wrote a Apple TV review “Why Buy the Apple TV – The Internet TV Player“.  This is not a huge productivity tool, yet it is a nice to have a would make a great gift.

stanley electric stapler battery operated

Stanley Battery Operated Electric Stapler I just added this to my wish list because my old electric battery operated stapler wore out.  I love it and it saves you wrists from the continual stapling.. Perfet for any office home or enterprise.  Ergonomically correct way to staple and no wires because of the battery operation.

Electric hole punch
Swingline Commercial Electric 3 Hole Punch, 20 Sheet Capacity, 3 Hole, 74525 I have this hole punch and it is totally awesome.  I like to file my notes in binders so this is the perfect companion for just about any home office.  This is great for Internet Marketers because they need a way to organize all the training material and e-books.  This unit works perfect and is highly recommended.

iZigg mobile M-Card for SMS Text marketing Mobile Marketing M-Card Mobile Marketing is really taking off.  Go Green and get an electronic business Card called a M-Card.  I have one and love it.  Text message ClayFranklin to phone number 90210 on your smart phone to see how quickly your get my information.   Mobile Marketing is totally Awesome.  These plans start at under $15 a month with your very own Keyword at 90210 mobile marketing.  The very best present would be to buy your favorite Internet Marketer or Home Based Business person there own business with iZigg so they can add selling Mobile Media as another product they offer to clients.  Highly recommended.

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What would you add to this list?



The 15 Best WordPress Blog Plugins

Girl on ComputerThe best WordPress blog plugins will help your WordPress blog visitors have a better experience, help drive more web traffic to your WordPress blog, help you build SEO Backlinks to your site and make your life as a blog owner easier.

Listed below are my favorite WordPress Blog plugins and I believe you will enjoy using them on your WordPress blog.

List of the 15 best wordpress blog plugins.

1) All in one SEO.
This plug in provides Search Engine Optimization for your wordpress Blog.
I usually use the Thesis WordPress Theme with build in SEO on all my blogs.  If the WordPress Theme you are using does not have built in SEO features, then the All in One SEO plug in will help you site get found by the search engines.

2) RSS Footer Blog Plugin by Joost de Valk
Eavery blog has an RSS feed that sends out your blog articles to other sites. This plug in will add a footer to your feed that has a link back to your site so anyone reading your article from a RSS feed will have a link back to your site as well as creating a link to your site that is appreciated by search engines.

3) Google Sitemap Generator
Every Website needs a Site map to please the search engines.  I use comments to prioritize the blog posts for the automatic site map priorities.

4) Akismet
This comes with every WordPress blog and I love it for catching comment spam.
4) GASP Anti-spam Plugin Update: I am now recommending Gasp anti-spam Plug in.  You can see it in action on this blog.

5) Backtype Connect
Totally awesome WordPress Blog plugin that pulls in mentions of your blog post as a comment.  This plugin shows related conversations (from other blogs, Twitter, Digg, FriendFeed and more) inline with your own comments.

6) Broken Link Checker
Checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found.  This is a great blog plugin that finds any broken links on your site.  It works great especially if you have affiliate links on your site.

7) Do Follow
Removes the evil nofollow attribute that WordPress adds in comments.  This plug in gives SEO value to blog comments and rewards the commenter with a valuable link back to their site.

8 ) Google Analytics for WordPress
Great plugin if your blog theme does not have a Google analytics feature.  This plug in saves to the trouble of adding your Google Analytics code to your site editor.

9) SexyBookmarks
SexyBookmarks adds a (X)HTML compliant list of social bookmarking icons to each of your posts  It looks great and is a bit more fun that using some of the other social bookmarking plugins.  This is a great social bookmarketing plugin.  The other popular one is Sociable.

10) Vipers Video Quicktags
Easily embed videos from various video websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo into your posts.  You can fully configure how the videos are displayed (width, height, colors, alignment on the page) and much more. Your site will even stay (X)HTML valid unlike with the code provided by most video sites.

11) WordPress Database Backup
This plugin will send you a email with a backup of your wordpress database on a regular schedule.

12) TweetMeme Retweet Button
Getting your Blog posts tweeted is a good thing and this plugin is familiar to your readers and will make it easier for your readers to retweet your post.

Thesis WordPress Theme13) Thesis OpenHook ( For Thesis WordPress Theme users only)
This plugin allows you to insert arbitrary content into the many hooks that the Thesis Theme Framework provides. If you are not familiar with adding hooks to your theme, then this plug in is for you.

14) CommentLuv
Plugin to show a link to the last post from the commenters blog by parsing the feed at their given URL when they leave a comment. Rewards your readers and encourage more comments.

15) Pretty Link
Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website!  This is a great plug in for tracking links on your site.  Wonderful for affiliate marketing webistes.  I use it on my What Laptop Should I buy site.

Speciality WordPress Blog Plugins:

1) Testimonial manager
No longer supported, yet it works great.  I found this new Testimonial plug in for you yet I have not tried it yet.

2) Fast Secure Contact Form
Easy way to allow visitors to send you a question or comment by email directly to you with a Captcha form.  Not to be sued to capture email addresses for you list like Aweber Email manager, it’s just to get direct feedback.  You can see an example on the SMS Mobile Media Marketing & Internet Marketing Consulting page

3) Wibiya toolbar
Interesting new footer toolbar like you can see on the iZigg SMS Mobile Media Marketing 90210 page. (Update, I removed this social media sharing toolbar because it was messing around wtht my images on the site)

4) WPTouch
Add mobile phone automation to your blog with the WP Touch  WordPress Blog Plugin.  You will see that many sites like mashable use this plug in to provide mobile users a fast loading easy to read site that is mobile friendly.
There is a free version and a more powerful and flexible paid version.  Choose the one that is right for you.  If you are on a mobile phone, you are seeing WP Touch in action.  It has a button at the bottom that offers visitors the opportunity to turn off the mobile version so that is really cool.

Did I miss one of your favorites?  Add it to the comments below so the next reader will benefit.


iZigg SMS Mobile Marketing 90210

sms mobile marketing 90210 iziggSMS Mobile Marketing is the hottest trend for Business Marketing today.  It is not a question of if you are using mobile marketing for your business, it’s a question of when you will be using mobile marketing for your Business.

This is an exciting time for mobile marketing as the use of SMS text messaging for business is exploding.  97% of text messages get read and 83% get read withing 1 hour. 90% of marketing emails are not read.

iZigg has the most recognizable short code of 90210.

Today on the busy streets people are walking around looking at their phone.  “Go Where the Eyes Are” Get involved in selling Mobile SMS Marketing.
52,083 text messages are sent every second.

iZigg 90210 SMS Mobile marketing service is now available.
I have taken a leadership position with the company and am looking for people who want to sell 90210 SMS mobile marketing to clients or who want to build a sales team selling mobile marketing for business.

See how you can join the Mobile Marketing Revolution by calling 408-768-7368. Or you can send me a SMS text message to 408-768-7368 and I will see it immediately.

Clay-Franklin-SMS-Mobile-MarketingCall me or send a text message to 408-768-7368 so I can explain it in more detail to you.

If you are a business looking for a SMS Mobile Marketing service with a easy to remember short code, contact me to see what is right for your business.  There is no set up fee and no contract.
There are entry level plans all the way up to Enterprise level service with unlimited messages.

Call me today if iZigg SMS mobile marketing is interesting to you.


Why Buy the Apple TV – The Internet TV Player

Why get the Apple TV?

Apple TV picture topThe Apple TV internet TV connection device will change the way we watch TV.
Apple TV streams Video to your TV from your computer and uses digital HDMI cable to connect to your TV.  I see a Apple revolution going on with the constant stream of cool high technology products that revolutionizes the way we do things.

Take me for example.  I worked for Hewlett Packard Company for over 20 years.  I managed Intel Processors, Chipsets, Boards, components, packaging and DRAMS (memory chips for computers) and R&D to bring out the latest and greatest new HP Product.  I would never buy an Apple product when I worked there.  I use HP laptops, HP Officejet printer, HP high definition monitor and use the HP 12C calculator.

So what happened?
iPhones came out with the latest and greatest possible device capabilities of any other mobile phone.  I decided to get one right when they came out for $400 for my business.  I loved it.  I use it for Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, TV guide, remote control, camera and flashlight.  It is totally awesome.  I used it for many years and just got the iPhone 4 and it is so much better.

buy Apple Macbook computer picture

Buy the Apple Macbook laptop computer
Then I had virus protection that was slowing down my computer and I wanted to start making videos.  The Mac has iMovie with every computer and it is a great video editor.  I bought my first Macbook in 2008.

Buy Apple iPad 16GBBuy the iPad tablet computer device
Then the iPad came out and it looked like a great way to read books and watch movies and get email and run social networks.  I bought a iPad for my birthday because I wanted something I did not need.  I love it now and use it all the time.

Buy a Macbook Pro 13″ laptop computerApple Macbook Pro 13" Laptop Computer picture
I got fed up with my windows computer crashing all the time so I decided to switch my primary computer to a Mac in December 25, 2009.  I love it.  The build quality is great.  It does not crash as much and after getting used to it can pretty much do everything I did on my Windows machine.  I prefer Windows file management system.  It is a lot easier for me to find what I am looking for.   The Macbook Pro is a delight to use and is sturdy and is a wonderful laptop that I like better than Windows laptops.

Buy a Airport extreme wireless router
My old Linksys WRT-54G router was dropping the internet connection on wired and wireless connections and it was very frustrating.  I searched for a new router and decided on the Apple Airport Extreme dual band N router.  There was a close second with the D-Link router, yet I went with Apple because I like their products.  They feel substantial and well built and the technology does not seem to go obsolete very fast.  I brought it home plugged it in and that was about it.  No muss no fuss, it just started to work without any fancy set up or reading the instructions or anything like that. Apple tends to be a very customer service friendly company while carefully watching the bottom line.

Apple is the best run company in the world.
The best just got better.
Apple is leading the charge of implementing new useful technology for the masses.
Apple is setting the standard and raising the bar for other slower less innovative companies to integrate into this new standard set by Apple.  The are becoming a huge force in advertising with the iPad.  So much so that the publishers are not very happy with the way Apple is managing the information the advertisers get since it is less that they are used to.  The publishers are used to getting all the demographic information for the people that took action because of an advertisement they ran in a magazine.  Apple is renting the TV shows for a day or two for 99 cents.  At Amazon, you can buy the TV show forever for the same 99 cents.

Apple TV with remote control

Buy the Apple TV

For me, I am getting tired of paying high prices to the Cable company every month.  I get HD digital signals from a TV antenna on my roof so I get the regular 1, 4, 5, 7, 11 as well as local channels.  I can watch most TV shows online either with the iPad and the ABC application player and tv.com application.  Hulu.com has most major TV shows available to watch for free the next day.  Training for just about anything is available on YouTube for free.  It will be very useful and cool to be able to stream video from my computer wirelessly instead of unhooking the DVD player HDMI cable and connecting it to my laptop.  I think for $99 that the Apple TV is a perfect thing to buy to keep up with technology.

My Apple TV review based on the technology results in a Buy rating.

What do you think about Apple and the Apple TV?
Type up a quick comment.