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Be an Authority on your subject matter to gain respect and trust.  Sometimes you can leverage someone else’s authority by hanging out and being seen with a high authority friend or mentor.

All the pictures posted here were taken at Frank Kern’s Mass Control in San Diego.  It was the event of the century as far as I am concerned.  Frank put on an incredible event including easter eggs with $100 bills he tossed into the audience.  The marketing guru’s from all over the world showed up for the event.  This is the most excellent event to meet some Super Cool People and get a #selfie with a guru and get little bit of instant fame by association.

I was having a blast hanging out with the top authority people in my field of Marketing.  This is one fun crowd to meet and be with.

You might recognize Frank Kern with long hair.  update 3/31/2014 : I like Frank’s new look a lot.  Man he looks like a GQ model.

Vince Del Monte the Fitness guru.

Jason Moffatt in the turquoise shirt who goes by Profit Moffatt.  Jason taught me how to remember people’s names at the bar that night.  Then when I went up on stage 2 days later, her said Clay Franklin and I thought it was really cool that he remembered my name.  You can see his Mass Control presentation where he says that on his blog at http://www.profitmoffatt.com/ I am not sure where it is right now, it used to be on his home page but I am sure it is there somewhere.

Big Ticket Seminars Kevin Nations,

Famous internet marketer Harris Fellman who gave me great advice on how to be successful that night.

Copywriting expert and authority and known as the marketing rebel, John Carlton.

Brent Hodgson is the sales manager of Market Samurai and a really nice person.  Very lucky to have spent some time getting to know Brent.

Each of these pictures are of people that are “The Authority” in their niche.

I was inspired to write this article to share with you the importance of being an authority.  It’s OK if it is barbecuing hamburgers, making salads, dog training, insurance, real estate.  Write for your readers with authority and it’s best if you keep the articles on a specific topic.





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