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Is Bigger Really Better for Smart Phones?

bigger-and-bigger-and-bigger-then-smaller-and-smallerI predict the mobile revolution will obsolete smart phones sooner rather than later. iPhone 6 plus in my opinion is the end of big phones and from here they get smaller and smaller until they are obsolete.



Jelly.co Biz Stone’s Latest Addicting Social Site

Clay Franklin gets a Thank you message from a Jelly
Jelly is the number one app on the iPhone app store.
Jelly.co has been launched by Biz Stone who co-founded Twitter. This is a new Social Network where you can ask a question with a picture and words then get answers very quickly from other Jelly users in your circle of friends on Twitter and Facebook. Some of my answers seemed to come from people not in my circle of friends.
You might have heard about it on Twitter.
“Biz Stone Launches New Social Search App Jelly”
You can use the App to take a photo, draw on it, add a question and post it to the Jelly platform that is
available for Android and iPhone,
Jelly Industries, a company set up in 2012 by one of Twitter’s co-founders, Biz Stone launched his latest app on Tuesday January 7th 2014. It might be called the Social Search Jelly App.

Today I asked a question about a new pair of wingtips I have. I asked if I could wear them with a dark grey suit because they have tan leather soles. The answers started coming in immediately. Most of the answers were well thought out and one was pretty funny.

Jelly is #1 on Apple app store

Jelly launched a couple days ago and I’ve been using it more than Twitter. I find it is addicting and fun.

How to use Jelly: [click to continue…]


Authority Review






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Google HangOut Training

Here is a great Google hangout training hangout streamed live on Feb 23rd. The training starts at about 27 minutes into the video. Learn cool google hangout tips like how to have your iPad or iPhone stream live into the Google hangout window. I am studying a lot about Google hangouts and will be sending my subscribers extra tips I find. Leave your questions in the comments.


Google HangOuts Live HOA Hangout on air

Watch this Google Hang out live today right here.  HOA is Hangout On Air. Learn how to use Google hang out as a live webinar.


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